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COST Action G9 ”Modeling Real Property Transactions”

The following goals of the project can be derived from there:

  • Improve transparency of real property markets
  • Provide a stronger basis for reduction of costs of real property transactions by
    • Preparing a set of models of real property transactions (correct, formalized and complete)
    • Assessing economic efficiency of these transactions
  • Use the models also for education and (re-)engineering.


  • University Wiena (Austrian),
  • University Aalborg (Denmark),
  • Copenhagen Business School (Denmark),
  • Helsinki University of Technology (Filand),
  • University Bremen (Germany),
  • Aristotle University of Tessaloniki (Greece),
  • University of West Hungary College of Geoinformatics (Hungary),
  • Riga Technical University (Latvia),
  • Technical University Delft (Netherlands),
  • University of Ljubljana (Slovenia),
  • Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (Sweden),
  • University of East London (United Kingdom).

The three Working Groups are follows:

  • WG1: Law and Models,
  • WG2: Cadastral Science,
  • WG3: Economy.

The methodologies for describing and modeling real property transactions will be introduced, including some examples. Modeling is mainly done in UML activity diagrams. However, use is also made of class and use case diagrams. Attention will be given to the lessons learnt and complications still encountered in comparing models between countries. Attention will also be given to underlying questions that have emerged. An important one relates to the different societal objectives cadastral systems are serving within different countries.
The main challenges remaining for the rest of the project (most likely completing early 2006) will be indicated in relation to what has been accomplished and learned so far.

Action outcomes: 2 books and 30 presentations

The information of the project G9 you can read on the website:(





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