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NCGIA Core Curriculum Hungarian adaptation (1993-94)


To produce the first Hungarian language teaching materials


  • University of Szeged (H)
  • Eotvos Lorand University (H)
  • Budapest University of Technology (H)
  • Ministry of Agriculture (H)
  • Institute of Surveying, Cartography and Remote Sensing (H)
  • Research Institute of Geography (H)
  • Geometria Systems House (H)
  • GeoView Systems Ltd (H)


You can download the NCGIA Core Curriculum files




The distribution of the NCGIA Core Curriculum in Hungary was started in 1991 by the Dr. Béla Márkus. The responses were almost positive, however we realised that the major problem is the language, and because of the infrastructure at the Hungarian universities and the GIS environment in country are different from USA, the simple translation of the curriculum is not satisfactory, that is why we decided to adapt the materials to the Hungarian environment.

A nation-wide Technology Transfer Centre (TTC) was founded in 1992 involving GIS experts from the whole country. The TTC member's opinion was the hardest obstacle to application of GIS technology in Hungary the lack of technical-professional skills. Meanwhile the interest for NCGIA Core Curriculum was growing up, and not only from the site of the traditional GIS society. Because of the above mentioned facts we decided the first project of the TTC's GIS Section must be the NCGIA Core Curriculum Hungarian adaptation.

The curriculum was divided into 12 parts and translated preserving the structure, but suited the contents to the Hungarian environment by 18 most appropriate experts from five Hungarian universities, four research institutions and three GIS companies. In the revision and refinement phase were involved experts covering practically the whole spectrum of GIS society. For the quick dissemination and to reach as wide as possible responses a teach the teachers course was organised. The distribution of the adapted text on floppies and the giving of courses at different institutions was started in September 1993. Using their feedback the final version was completely finished and published in June 1994. The three original volumes were expanded with a forth one. The forth volume presents 16 publications on different GIS applications in Hungary.

In her preface the project was appreciated by Karen Kemp (the co-ordinator of the NCGIA CC project) with the following words: „The Hungarian version of the NCGIA Core Curriculum in GIS is culmination of over 5 years of efforts by several groups of GIS experts and educators around the world. It is extremely satisfying to know that this set of teaching materials, which has originally intended primarily for US educators, has been widely adopted and adapted for use in many different countries. ... The Hungarian version is one result of the world-wide efforts. The level of co-operation and commitment within the Hungarian GIS community which produced it is unequalled by any other."

The adaptation project received also very good qualification from the Hungarian GIS community. The interest is very high not only from the side of educational institutions but from the side of GIS firms too. Until January 1995 more than 800 copies of the 4 volumes were sent to applicants on a 15$ non-profit price level. The text also available in digital form (formatted in Word for Windows).

Székesfehérvár, May 1994

Márkus, Béla, NCGIA CC national co-ordinator,
EFE FFFK Térinformatika Tanszék, 8002 Székesfehérvár Pf. 52. E-mail:




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