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Water resources management in protected areas

Programme: Interreg III B CADSES
Acronym: 5D158

Date of project start 01/06/2006 (UWH-GEO: 17/08/2006)
Date of project finalisation 05/05/2008
Duration in months 24

Aim: To develop participatory river basin planning procedures based on stakeholder networks to contribute to implementation of the Water Framework Directive.


Country Institute City  
Italy Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia Udine Lead partner
Hungary University of West Hungary, Faculty of Geoinformatics Székesfehérvár  
Hungary Chamber of Agriculture of Fejér County Székesfehérvár  
Greece Aitoliki Development Enterprise S.A. Nafpaktos  
Greece Meditteranean SOS Network Athén  
Czech Republic Centre for Community Organizing Central Moravia Přerov  

Pilot project: Lake Velence watershed

Overall, long-term objectives
- Promote sustainable use of natural resources (esp. water) considered in an integrated perspective at river basin scale.
- Promote participatory and collaborative land/water management based on common spatial visions.
- View protected areas as an opportunity to achieve sustainable development for neighbouring communities.

Concrete results

  1. Produce a prototype participatory process for river basin planning available for river basin authorities throughout the EU (Methodological Procedures).
  2. Provide decision-makers and stakeholders with efficient and shared river basin management schemes (Action Plans).
  3. Develop specific and integrated tools for land/water management in protected areas (Spatial Planning Concepts).
  4. Increase stakeholders' knowledge and capacity building at both national (no. 20-30 participants per workshop) and transnational (transnational water network linking the established partnerships) levels.
  5. Gain a common vision among all relevant authorities, water users and territorial actors participating in the river basin partnerships (partnerships).

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